A Wing and A Prayer

We have a passion for these doves as they are superior flyers and love to set sail and do what they truly love to do ... FLY!

Hi, Welcome to A Wing and A Prayer.
Allen will help you create that Magical Moment for your special event. We are more then... DOVES ... if you are looking for a unique and memorable experience that will be cherished for a lifetime ... then let the beauty and symbolism of our gentle doves marvel your guest with a presentation that will be unforgettable.

If you are looking for a magnificent and unique enhancement to an event outdoors such as a Wedding, Sweetsixteen, Birthdays, Christenings, Funerals and more... then let the magic and elegance of these doves entertain your guests as they will marvel over the beautiful images for years to come as shown below with the doves being released from the horse drawn Cinderella Carriage.

Weddings, funerals, or any special occasion, our flocks are trained to return to their home nests, and by the way.............. they bond for life....
UNFORGETTABLE............. Any event that is or can be viewed from outdoors can create the sensation. If you are looking for that extra special touch......... please give us a call for your enchanting options.....Home 610-488-1568--Cell 484-256-7478........just ask for ............ Allen or
E-mail : alba11@comcast.net >--CLICK HERE

Wedding Packages

Package I - $125.00 - This package offers 2 white doves set free from a white heart shaped release basket . You will simply pull open the front of the basket and let the doves fly. Upon request you may release the two doves by hand.

Package II - $150.00 -This package offers 5 white doves set free from a white release basket. You will pull open the front of the basket and let the doves fly.

Package III - $200.00 -This is a combination package offering a total of 7 white doves. Any family member or someone from our team will release 5 of the doves from a white release box while you release two doves by hand or out of a heart shaped basket.

Package IV - $225.00 -This package offers 10 white doves set free from a white release case. Any family member or someone from our team will release the doves.

Funeral Packages

Package V - $150 -This is the Trinity Package which releases a single white dove followed by 3 additional white doves.


Normal service area is an approximate 25 mile radius of Centerport, Pa.

If you are requesting to release our white doves outside the advertised service area, an additional service charge will apply. The additional charge is simply to cover travel time and expenses for us to be at your location.


Example a cinderella wedding complete with the cinderella carriage as the doves are released off the carriage... you look back at your guest embraced in a kiss....  the doves are re leased.... and the  carriage  takes you off into the sunset  like a fairy tale wedding.

Or maybe a flock of  white doves filtering from the sunroof of a super stretch limousine about to take you to your reception.

 Sweet sixteen a glorious day to celebrate your big day... of course the ultimate party dress......... complete with a Cinderella carriage the white horses and a flock of rainbow colored doves in a stunning array of sheer delight...... decorating the skyline....... a   festivity that is clearly electrifying!!!!!

Your friends wont believe the magic as the doves soar to  the skyline in a awesome fantasy flight filled with magic and  breathtaking wizardry. A kaleidoscope of colors .....blue.... pink.... yellow.... red .... purple, You'll have the coolest sweet sixteen in town. Not to mention the envy from all your friends... COOL!!!!!!!

Remember....... this is your day designed with all of those things you have dreamed of as a little girl ........

We don't just release doves we create MAGICAL MEMORIES that will be treasured for years to come.

Should you have an idea that you would like to use, we welcome any suggestions to make it uniquely you! 

Don't forget the ultimate christmas wedding a horse drawn sleigh... a beautiful bird cage dressed in the seasons glory, poinsettias greens and all the dressings of the season displayed with a pair of snow white doves to celebrate your union on the most dazzling time of the year.

No matter what the occasion .........A Wing and A Prayer can add the magic, making your day memorable! Give us a call to find out about your enchanting options.

E-mail : alba11@comcast.net --CLICK HERE

Since the beginning of time white doves have been a symbol of peace, love, purity and rebirth. They have been portrayed in art, literature and the scriptures as well as kept and protected in palaces and temples around the world. As written in the Bible, doves have a strong reference to the spirit of God. The dove is a magnificent symbol of hope ... an olive branch was returned to Noah's ark in the mouth of a dove. The releasing of doves at weddings can symbolize blessings, peace, love and prosperity for the bride and groom. White doves have played a key role in life's celebrations because of the beauty and symbolism associated with them. Doves can also be released during other special events - marriage proposals, christenings, graduations, grand openings, memorials and funerals. Any event that is or can be viewed outdoors can use doves. Doves are environmentally friendly, meaningful and strongly symbolic.
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